Pfeffingen Ungstein ‘Kalkstein’ Riesling Dry VDP.Ortswein

Selected and picked by hand, only the very best grapes were chosen for this premium Riesling and modern winemaking techniques guarantee a rich fruitiness, with a nose of apricot and pineapple. Dense and refreshing on the palate with an intense mineral finish.

The ‘Herrenberg’, where the vines for this wine grow, is one of the most famous vineyards in the Pfalz region having been classified in 1828 by the Royal Bavarian land taxation laws as a first class vineyard.

The soil is high in limestone (the name ‘Kalkstein’ means limestone in German and is a tribute to the soil) which adds minerality to the wine, whilst its south-facing aspect guarantees optimum sun exposure.

The vineyard is protected from such weather extremes as thunder and hailstorms on its west side by a huge forest (the Pfälzer Wald). The Pfalz region itself is one of the warmest and sunniest regions in Germany with just enough annual rainfall to grow premium wines and it’s this mild climate that helps produce these powerful, but elegant wines with a good acidity structure.

Alcohol 13.0 %
Acidity 7.6 g/l
Residual Sugar 4.8 g/l
Drink Temperature 12-13 °C (54-55 °F)
Ageing Potential up to 2020

This ‘Kalkstein’ (Chalk Stone or Hill) Riesling really works with white meat, chicken, and fish.

Try grilled sea bass with lentils and a beurre blanc sauce or baked monkfish with a lightly spiced sauce.

Marries wonderfully with shellfish dishes such as grilled lobster, mussels in a white wine sauce (this wine!), as well as medium-spiced Thai dishes.

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