Pfeffingen Ungstein Scheurebe Dry VDP.Ortswein

Only the best grapes were selected by hand for this wine. Pfeffingen winemaker, Jan Eymael, prefers to pick the grapes just before maximum ripeness. In this way, the wine stays fresh with a delicate lime and blackcurrant aroma and a full and round body progresses into a smooth and elegant finish.

The Scheurebe grape is a Riesling and Bukettrebe cross and was propagated in 1916 by a man called Dr. Georg Scheu. Its produces both lighter, dry-styled wines and dessert wines. Its attractive and intense aroma with good acidity make it a very popular wine in Germany. The Pfeffingen estate has made great Scheurebe wines for over 50 years, with the dry style being first produced in 1978, and has gained a national and international reputation for these wines.

Alcohol 12.5 %
Acidity 6.5 g/l
Residual Sugar 4.6 g/l
Mustweight 89° Oechsle
Drinking Temperature 10-12 °C (50–54 °F)

American wine-writer, Paul Grieco, in the New York Times rates Jan Eymael’s Ungstein Scheurebe as ‘The best Scheurebe on the planet’ – well it’s a great story, demanding great food!

Sea Bass with a creamy white wine sauce (Scheurebe of course), shellfish, such as dressed lobster or langoustine, as well as pan-seared veal.

Its balanced spice and dryness also makes it the perfect partner for Asian or Middle Eastern cuisine.

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