Weingut Stigler Ihringen Winklerberg ‘Backöfele’ Pinot Noir VDP.Grosse Lage ‘GG’

Full, rich and supple, this is a wine with immense structure and body, a character developed in the cellar over the for 3 years the wine stayed in barrel (these large barrels are called ‘Holzfaβ’), and which will continue to age well over the next 10 years, but can still be enjoyed now. A true rival to the best of the Côte D’Or!

This grapes for this Pinot Noir (Spätburgunder) from the Backöfele ‘monopole’ site within the famous Winklerberg vineyard grow in the warmest location within what is already known as the warmest spot in the whole of Germany.

Vineyard Ihringen Winklerberg ‘Backöfele’
Classification VDP.Grosse Lage ‘GG’
Vine Variety Pinot Noir
Taste Rich and ripe
Bottle Size 75cl
Wine-growing Region Baden
Alcohol 13.5%
Residual Sugar 1.6 g/l
Total Acidity 5.5 g/l

A perfect wine for any dark meat, but is superb with game and lamb (the wine is best served at 12º-14ºC). In the Nordic countries, such dishes are often served with a sauce made from locally gathered berries, and this wine works very well with these sort of rich sauces.

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