Weingut Stigler Ihringen Winklerberg Traminer Trockenbeerenauslese VDP.Grosse Lage

The literal meaning of Trockenbeerenauslese is ‘dried berries selection’. This wine is a masterpiece and ultimate demonstration of the vintner’s art: its rich, concentrated and intense flavour shows hints of caramel, honey, apricot, whilst the nose has the unmistakable aroma of botrytis, but all is beautifully balanced with an amazing level of acidity and freshness which works against any feeling of a cloying sweetness.

Arguably this is a wine that can be aged for many years because of its high residual sugar content.

The grapes grow on the pure volcanic soil and what is a favoured spot in Stigler’s Ihringer Winklerberg vineyard. The grapes themselves are affected by noble rot so that they appear almost as raisins on the vine and are picked and selected by hand.

Traminer is a collective term for variants of a grape variety, either as Gewürztraminer (red berries), or Savagnin (white Traminer) and as Rosé Savagnin (Pink Traminer). This version is the Baden version, with much smaller production – definitely not to be confused with much cheaper volume wines produced in other areas of Germany.

Vineyard Ihringer Winklerberg
Classification VDP.Grosse Lage
Vine Variety Traminer
Quality Category QmP Trockenbeerenauslese
Taste Edelsüß - noble, rich and ripe
Bottle Size 37.5cl
Wine-growing Region Baden
Alcohol 11.38%
Residual Sugar 215.00 g/l
Total Acidity 6.90 g/l

A must for a warm foie gras or a spicy blue cheese. The list is almost endless, but do try: pecan pie, rich cheesecakes (and cakes), lemon tart, summer pudding, Eton mess, sticky toffee pudding, sponge and treacle puddings with custard.

And finally, a good friend to share it with you! Prosit!!

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