Weingut Stigler Ihringer Fohrenberg Chardonnay Auslese VDP.Grosse Lage

An elegant and creamy Chardonnay with a delicate ‘vanilla’ nose, well balanced acidity and a long, honeyed and fruity finish, the result of careful fermentation in large aged oak barrels.

Auslese is the German term for ‘late harvest’ and this wine abounds with ripe fruit and yet an amazing acidity that gives it prefect balance.

All the grapes on Weingut Stigler’s Estate are hand-picked, which guarantees the highest level of quality control during the harvest and ensures that only the best grapes are selected for the wine – the antithesis of mass market, ‘pick-it-all’ machine harvesting.

Grown on the loam terraces of the southern slopes of the Kaiserstuhl (The Emperor’s Chair) situated in the Rhine valley between the Vosges mountains and the Black Forest. The climate here is one of the hottest and most stable climates in Germany’s wine regions – more akin to the Mediterranean, but without the sea!

Vineyard Ihringer Fohrenberg
Classification VDP. Grosse Lage
Vine Variety Chardonnay
Quality Category Auslese
Taste Rich and honeyed
Bottle Size 75cl
Wine-growing Region Baden
Alcohol 14.06%
Residual Sugar 48.40 g/l
Total Acidity 8.20 g/l

Wines from the Baden region, known as a ‘gourmet zone’, are just meant for food, both simple and gourmet.

Very similar to its riper ‘big brother’, the Beerenauslese, this wine is ideal as an aperitif, and is the perfect partner for both sweet and savoury dishes, such as strong cheeses, particularly ‘blue’ cheeses and smoked meats, and is just at home with warm, fresh foie gras as with crème brûlée.

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