Weingut Stigler Ihringer Fohrenberg Grauburgunder VDP.Erste Lage

This is an elegant and smooth ‘Pinot Gris’ with balanced minerality. Its slight rosé tinge is not a typical white wine colour and results from having been left on the grape skins for three weeks during the fermentation process. This process is called ‘Maischevergoren’ – quite a mouthful (like the wine) so Andreas Stigler calls it just ‘M’!

The grapes were grown on volcanic soil on the most southern slope of the Kaiserstuhl mountain, in the Fohrenberg vineyard.

Vineyard Ihringer Fohrenberg
Classification VDP.Erste Lage
Vine Variety Grauburgunder
Quality Category QbA
Taste Trocken
Bottle Size 75cl
Wine-growing Region Baden
Alcohol 14.76%
Residual Sugar 5.10 g/l
Total Acidity 5.00 g/l

This Grauburgunder is an example of a wine with great versatility and, as it was born in the so-called Baden wine region ‘gourmet zone’, there are many dishes that can accompany it, including smoked eel with horseradish sauce, gravlax, Brussels pâté, mushroom dishes, pan fried salmon or trout, scallops with pancetta, Thai fish cakes or a Thai green curry…

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