Weingut Stigler Ihringer Winklerberg Riesling Spätelese VDP.Erste Lage

Fruit-driven, rich and complex, with particularly finely balanced minerality and gentle acidity, this elegant Riesling has a long finish.

The result of careful winemaking, with fermentation and subsequent storage before bottling taking place in large wooden casks, as well as the volcanic soil and particular climate of the Stigler Winklerberg vineyard. This vineyard is located at the most southern slope of the little volcanic mountain called Kaiserstuhl (Emperor’s Chair), with winds that blow from the Burgundy region to the west.

Vineyard Ihringer Winklerberg
Classification VDP.Erste Lage
Vine Variety Riesling
Quality Category Spätlese QmP
Taste Rich, ripe and fruit-driven
Bottle Size 75cl
Wine-growing Region Baden
Alcohol 12.08%
Residual Sugar 25.60 g/l
Total Acidity 7.10 g/l

Riesling is highly versatile and in Germany is often paired with venison, served rare. It also goes well with increasingly popular Scandinavian food, smoked fish dishes, as well as the many variants of Asian cuisine. Old favourites include foie gras, rich desserts and blue cheese that go so well with this highly adaptable wine.

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