Weingut Stigler Ihringer Winklerberg Ruländer ‘Pagode’ Beerenauslese VDP.Grosse Lage

Rich, ripe and with a noble and delicious sweetness, balanced by an elegant acidity, this wine has a nose of yellow fruits such as banana, peach and passion fruit.

The grapes were grown on the volcanic soil at the highest part of Ihringer Winklerberg vineyard and fermented and stored in small wooden barrels. The Pagode site takes its name from the vineyard’s stylish, Pagoda-like building.

Beerenauslese literally means ‘selected harvest of berries’ – or late harvest wine. The grapes are affected by ‘noble rot’ (Botrytis cinerea, or ‘Edelfaule’ in German) – not rotten, but ‘botrytised’ with concentrated juice – with individual grapes picked by hand and carefully sorted before vinification.

These wines are produced in very small quantities when the weather is suitable for the noble rot to form, and only in vineyards with appropriate conditions, so they are highly prized, something that’s reflected in the price – but a ‘priceless’ treat!

Vineyard Ihringer Winklerberg
Classification VDP.Grosse Lage
Vine Variety Ruländer
Quality Category QmP Beerenauslese
Taste edelsüß - noble rich and ripe
Bottle Size 37.5cl
Wine-growing Region Baden
Alcohol 11.13%
Residual Sugar 145.00 g/l
Total Acidity 9.70 g/l

Perfect with any fine dining rich dessert, but also stunning with rich cheeses, particularly ‘blue’ cheeses, smoked meats. If you really want to push to the boat out, try warm, fresh foie gras as a starter and serve another glass with a crème brûlée for dessert!

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