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Sekt- und Weinmanufaktur Stengel – Württemberg

Stengel stands for tradition and high quality, as well as harmony with Nature.

A 6th generation, family-owned enterprise with more than 100 years’ experience in producing high class sparkling wine, this estate knows how to create beautiful wines that appeal to the senses.
All wines are bottle fermented, eschewing easier ways to make sparkling wine because any other production method simply doesn’t deliver on refinement and quality.

Of course, this requires experience, expertise, attention to detail with a dash of idealism – and lots of patience.

Stengel sparkling wines are born in the bottle and stay in that bottle until uncorked by the drinker, so remain in contact with their yeast for at least a year, but up to fifteen years for some specialities.

Only grapes of the highest quality are used (grapes are pruned during the growing season so the vines put all their energy into producing fewer, better grapes) with all grapes picked by hand, another way that helps guarantee the quality of the end product.