V. Estates

Weingut Würtzberg – Saar

Formerly a Prussian estate, Weingut Würtzberg was founded at the end of the 19th Century and its two slate-rich, steep-sloped, south-facing vineyards – the Serriger Herrenberg and Serriger Würtzberg – are located in the Saar river valley. Today, the estate consists of 14 hectares of vines under cultivation, nine of which are Riesling, three Pinot Blanc, one Pinot Noir and one Auxerrois.

The winery produces authentic, highly individual and elegant Saar wines from selected parcels, the result of considerable knowledge and wide experience – and a great deal of manual labour. The winery’s focus is on quality and environmentally friendly winemaking, including organic fertilisation, winter pruning and selective hand harvesting.

Once harvested, all grapes are placed on a sorting table where highly-trained staff manually remove any substandard grapes to ensure the highest quality levels. Grapes that pass this rigorous quality control are then gently pressed, with the fresh must flowing into the winery’s 2-storey cellar where it’s pre-clarified through natural sedimentation.

The intended style of the wine being made determines the choice of container – either wooden barrels or stainless steel tanks. Spontaneous fermentation with natural yeast flora ensures the creation of distinguished, authentic wines: Weingut Würtzberg calls this kind of winemaking “controlled idleness”.

The wine is then bottled in order to preserve freshness and allow the ageing process in the bottle to begin.