Fine German Wines – Quality Fact

In November 1896, Berry Bros & Co in London were listing a 1878 Chateau Margaux @ 60/- a dozen, a Liebfraumilch @ 62/- a dozen, and a Rüdesheimer Rottland Kabinett @ 120/- a dozen.

The point being that German wines were up there at the top of the tree!

The name Vintners Pride of Germany really says it all – it’s about the best of the best.

Truth to tell – and in spite of the better-known vineyards of Burgundy and Bordeaux – those of us in the know (and I’ve been involved with fine German wines for over 35 years) appreciate that there’s little that can better the best that Germany can offer.

This is why you’ll find some of the finest independent producers across a number of German wine-producing regions on the pages of this website: from Rheingau, Pfalz and Nahe – soon to be joined by a small number of other top fine wine producers from Baden, Rheinhessen, Mittelrhein, Mosel and Franken.

Vintners Pride of Germany is a trade alliance that brings together these top-notch producers selling to the UK independent specialist sector – the only sector that can really make this superb portfolio available to the adventurous wine consumer who’s looking for something that’s uniquely and delightfully different.

Perhaps this is where I begin to help change perceptions about German wines: these wines are neither sweet nor cheap – rather, they’re wonderfully delicious and totally rewarding.

Use the contact page on this website and let’s change perceptions together!

Anthony Arton Proctor
Founder & Director
Vintners Pride of Germany