Vintners Pride Of Germany At The London Wine Fair 2018 – Stand Y132 WEINGUT KÜNSTLER 2015 Estate Riesling Dry VDP Gutswein Rheingau, Germany A delightfully fragrant wine, smelling of acacia blossom and spring flowers, this Riesling is quite taut, fresh with acidity, almost salty. It has the density and richness of the wines that inspired…

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Wine connoisseurs know that Germany produces some of the very best and most outstanding wines in the world, which is why you’ll find five of the finest independent German producers showing their Sekt wines at the 2018 Glass of Bubbly International Champagne & Sparkling Wine Trade / Press Tasting and Summit: Le Meridien Piccadilly, London,…

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Science Supports The View That The Shape Of Your Wine Glass Matters

It’s been the view of people in the wine industry – and not just the glassmakers themselves – that the glass you use plays an important role in delivering the full potential of a wine. Some say it’s like the difference between listening to music in mono or stereo or, more poetically (and almost certainly…

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Decanting Wine – No, It’s Neither Old Fashioned, Nor An Affectation

The Why Decanting wine may seem like old hat, but actually quite a few wines – even white wines, and more especially high end whites – can still benefit from spending some time out of the bottle ahead of being served. Decanting can work to soften highly tannic and full-bodied wines and, of course, to…

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Food Pairing: A First Choice of Red Wine

Part 2: Pinot Noir Pinot Noir’s bright acidity, its complexity, the grace and balance of the best examples, and its rich fruit character mean it’s a perfect match with a wide variety of cuisines. In terms of taste, it’s often described as having a red wine palate, but a white wine style – it tends…

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Food Pairing Made Easy – Cooks’ Favourite

Part 1: Riesling Maligned in the past as overly sweet, good Riesling has a balance that makes it a delicious choice to go with an astonishingly wide range of foods. Riesling’s ability to complement a dishes from cuisines across the globe means that it’s a wine that’s loved by chefs and sommeliers, as much as…

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German Wines: The Middle Ages

Part 2: The Role of Churches and Monasteries After the Roman Empire, the other great influence on the growth of viticulture, and most particularly the production of quality wines, in Germany was the Christian church and religious houses. The time of Charlemagne (742 to 814), at the end of the so-called Dark Ages, saw the…

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Taste The Best Of The Best: SITT 26th & 28th Feb 2018

Taste The Best Of The Best The name Vintners Pride of Germany really says it all – it’s about the best of the best. Wine connoisseurs know that Germany produces some of the very best and most outstanding wines in the world, which is why you’ll find four of the finest independent German producers showing…

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German Wines: 2,000 Years of History

Part 1: The ‘Roman’ Vineyards of Weingut Pfeffingen German wines were written about in Roman times, with references found in the writings of the Roman historian, Tacitus, specifically in his work entitled ‘On the Origin and Situation of the Germans’ (De Origine et situ Germanorum) from around 98 AD. Tacitus talks about wine being grown…

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German Wines: The Label Says It All

Part 2: Degrees of Dryness In Part 1 (“German wines: you don’t need to be a master of wine to know what’s in the bottle – you can read it on the label”) we looked at quality descriptions which essentially describe the ripeness of the grape when harvested, something that’s determined by the winemaker in…

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