The Collection

Each producer in the Vintners Pride of Germany alliance is an expert in their field (forgive the pun) and have been producing superb wines over the generations: 1622, 1648 and 1907 are just some of the foundation dates for these great estates still in private hands.

And not just Riesling, but Weiβburgunder, Pinot Noir, Silvaner, Grauer Burgunder from VDP Gutswein to GG – from bone dry to the ultimate sweet, ripe botrytis wines – all fine wines that no other country can produce to this standard.


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Sekt Manufaktur Schloss Vaux – Rheingau

Schloss Vaux is all about uncompromising hand craftsmanship in the making of the highest quality bottle fermented (méthode traditionnelle) sparkling wines. Each bottle of sparkling single-varietal Riesling, Pinot and, the house specialty, single-vineyard sparkling wines from renowned Rheingau terroirs, is guaranteed to please the most sophisticated and demanding of palates...

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Sekt- und Weinmanufaktur Stengel – Württemberg

Stengel stands for tradition and high quality, as well as harmony with Nature. A 6th generation, family-owned enterprise with more than 100 years’ experience in producing high class sparkling wine, this estate knows how to create beautiful wines that appeal to the senses. All wines are bottle fermented, eschewing easier ways to make sparkling wine…

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Weingut Hubertushof - Mosel

The records of what is today the Weingut Hubertushof estate in Trittenheim go back to 1780. Of particular note, amongst other fine wines, the estate produces a range of Rieslings, from elegant and dry, to noble and sweet, but always balancing fruit flavour with minerality. The estate consists of two vineyards, the first, the steeply-sloped,…

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Weingut Künstler - Rheingau

The Künstler estate winery, today located in the Rheingau, has been a family-owned business since 1648 and produces unique, harmonious and multi-layered wines, with considerable ageing potential, where the fruitiness of the grapes and the character of each vineyard shines through in the glass…

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Weingut Pfeffingen – Pfalz

Passion and unconditional endeavour to make characterful, individualistic, top quality wines characterise the wines of Weingut Pfeffingen. This makes what is a family operation, with a history of winemaking that stretches back over 250 years, truly special and one of the best wine estates in Germany…

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Weingut Stigler - Baden

The Stigler estate dates from 1881 when the Stigler family laid the foundation of this renowned estate by purchasing a parcel of vines at the Ihringer Winklerberg site. This is one of the top vine growing regions of Germany, situated in Baden region in the south-east corner of the country on the Rhine plain between…

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Weingut Würtzberg - Saar

Formerly a Prussian estate, Weingut Würtzberg was founded at the end of the 19th Century and its two slate-rich, steep-sloped, south-facing vineyards – the Serriger Herrenberg and Serriger Würtzberg – are located in the Saar river valley. Today, the estate consists of 14 hectares of vines under cultivation, nine of which are Riesling, three Pinot…

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